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Fonda Fredericka

"To know MLuv is to know Love. Her gentle presence, grace, love, and light radiate sand permeates your soul, deepening and enriching your being just by the encounter of her. Her peace becomes yours. She moves you to break through barriers you have created within yourself and calls upon you to rise higher, stand higher, and love deeper. Quiet strength is my friend. She captivates and inspires hope and change. She moves you on a journey within the silence and brings your heart in direct alignment with source. The beauty of her spirit, being, heart, nobility, and love for humanity are beyond words; her love is breathtaking and most magical."

Fatumishe Blue ~ Performer

"The poem “The Struggle” encapsulates the weight of being woman in a world that often turns a blind eye to her yet is carried upon her shoulders and heart. Oh the irony. “Choices” is a poem about just that, but at the core of what it means to choose between life and death, joy and pain, and the dualities we all face while maneuvering through the human experience. MLuv never ceases to touch the soul of humanity though her poetry."

Tai Davis ~ Podcaster, Poet & Author

"I listened to this not knowing what to expect. M said it was different than what she normally hears so I just popped it in and listened. From the moment she began to speak I felt as if I'd found my center. These are not entertainment pieces but they are life, love, spirit and truth. I found myself deeply moved and in tears by the end of "Spiritual Kisses". It made me long for a love I've never known...but feel is on the way. If you listen, this will make you get in touch with yourself in a way you might not have in a long time. I can't say enough about the salve these poems put on my soul."


Trevell Franklin ~ Songwriter, Performer

"Jes Country is one of those pieces that when you hear it, you can see and feel every detail. It takes you down dirt roads past chicken coops to the heart of MLuv. Even if you’ve never been to the country, I recommend you put your seatbelt on because you’re in for the ride of your life." 

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