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Day 3-8 days of Sunrise Reflection 

Updated: May 23, 2020

My smart phone announced the sun would arrive at 7:13 am. But I was in bed at 6:45 one eye on the time and my mind on getting outside. I was hoping the sun would rise like me waking up this morning, nice and slow. The light was still shrouded in clouds so there was hope that I would have time to see it. I didn't think it was going to show up bright and brilliantly announcing morning but I was going to accept whatever did, whenever it did. We raced along small streets grateful that they weren't clogged with school buses and commuter traffic, all the while scanning the skies for a clear spot. Georgia pines are majestic, but are always blocking a good view of the sun. But it happened! Just in time. There she was … I breathed in and enjoyed the simple pleasure of a fall morning and the welcome from heaven. It's a new day and I was present for it. Not laying in bed worrying about the days activities. Wondering about things I had no control over. Not looking on social media for comfort from a false world but fully present for my NOW. Day 3 has begun. My march to a incarnation of me A year older. Wiser. Stronger and again, fully present for all my life. I AM

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