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Day 8- 8 Days of Sunrises

ITS A NEW DAY AND I WAS PRESENT FOR IT! I don't mean present like in person. I mean present mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In the beautiful moment unfolding in front of me. The queen was coming, the sun. She was absolutely spectacular this morning.

Nature knows what to do when royalty is approaching. The peace and quiet of dawn is such a sacred feeling. You start to whisper if you need to say anything at all. You cannot help it. It feels like you're in a sacred place. I heard a nearby owl hoot a couple of times. I kept thinking about how grateful I was to be alert to receive that gift. The day of my birth has been bittersweet for the last 5 years. Mom's passing meant I lost out on my birth story. Each year she told us the story of the day we were born and the events leading up to it. We didn't formally celebrate birthdays, but she gave us that gift no personally. That was so special to me. As an adult, she would call around midnight or early the next morning to be the first to welcome you to your day, just like she welcomed you into the world. Those memories I treasure.

So there is no reason to be sad or regretful. I am happily another age and happier than I've ever been. Thank you for following this for my 8 days. Find your peace. Find the lessons hidden in plain sight and share them with others so we can all find our healing.

Peace, Love and awareness. ~Mluv

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