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Day 5- 8 Days Of SunrisesDay 5- 8 Days Of Sunrises

Updated: May 23, 2020

This mornings sunrise brought me a lesson in patience. I'd managed to correct some of the mistakes I'd been making the past 2 mornings and got up in good time and made it out the door to find a new sunrise and a new lesson. Honestly, I had trouble believing how enlightening setting the intention to get up for 8 days and capture the sunrises has been for me. I needed patience to wait for what I knew was coming to show up. Just like looking expectantly at the darkness for 5 minutes ended just like it should've, in light. I smiled at the growing fire behind the clouds and said my thanks for everything I have and that coming. I let it all go. It's a New Day and I'm up now. Peace, Mluv

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