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Day 2- 8 days of Sunrise Reflection

Updated: May 23, 2020

September 2, 2019 It's a good morning. Not because something good happened to me, but because it was my intention that it be a good morning last night. I met the morning with an intention. Setting my mind to receive the new day in the evening is key to peace of mind. I expect good to happen…and it did. I anticipated the gift of a new day and I got really happy about it, last night! That was the first gift, the feeling. So when the event arrives, my joy has multiplied and my many thank yous have been said. This simple technique of visualization also lowers my anxiety. I am able to enjoy moments. My rest is deeper and more satisfying. The other gift of the morning was a little furry winged friend sitting on a branch screaming his message into the morning sky as the sun rose. I'd gotten out of the car to get a good picture of the blush of light coming up fast when I located the source of the screaming…a hawk. He was big but not the biggest I'd seen. I stood and watched respectfully and listened to his calls, grateful I was present. I'm usually a late sleeper unless I have an early appointment. I stay up late and sleep late because I stayed up late. But the goal of chronicling the days leading up to my 51st BD was important to me. Too many years have passed by with no significant marks for me. I was either so unhappy that I didn't care to mark them or I didn't want to remember. I also grew up with the belief that it was unimportant to mark that occasion. My goal is not celebration of me it's celebration of me wanting to be here. It's marking the change of a mindset I'd been dragging around for the majority of my life. Im thriving and surviving and I'm estatic about that. Celebrate with me. Breathe in and savor the moments before they slip away. Don't be afraid to let life know you are here by choice and you are grateful for this new day. Peace, love and awareness to you. ~Mluv

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