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Sunrise reflection Day 1

Updated: May 23, 2020

Day 1Sept 1 2019 I made a pact with myself that I would catch and write about 8 sunrises the week count down to my 51st BD. Last year for the big 50, I caught sunsets. It was hectic. A lot of variables can get in the way when you you look for a different view each evening. The sunrise statement made a friend laugh and say that wasn't going to happen. They know me well. All of me doesn't arrive until 10 am or after. So to see me being able to meet this sunrise goal was laughable. I actually agreed with them, however, this is about a new day, new way as well. I challenged myself to set an intention and keep it. Get up before sunrise and capture the moment.

The point for me is not just to be able to see the sunrise, but to interbe with it. To intentionally be immersed in nature. To appreciate the moment and say present.

People with anxiety and depression can tremendously help themselves with meditation exercises and anything that helps you control your thoughts. Goal setting and keeping is a habit that successful people do as a routine.

How did your girl do? Well it's day 1 and I'm feeling estatic that I met my goal. I woke up in time and hustled out to catch

a beautiful blushing sunrise.

Join me if you can, early bird or not. Do like I did, tag a friend that is a morning person and help them to motivate you. people in your life would love to help you do this powerful exercise in goal setting. Whether you join me one morning or all 8, let me know of any intention setting things you find that work. Get up find the sunrise and be in the moment. Send me your comments by dm or

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