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Good Bye January 2020

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

It just snuck up on me.

The end of what seemed to be the longest month, is over. The year rolled on in with me on cruise control. You see, I set new goals and re- evaluate myself and my business and creative goals in August of every year. This affords me the luxury of relaxing in December while the world is starting to reset for the new year. So it surprised me when the very first week of January 2020 found brought me a really nasty illness that morphed into other things and I ended up dehydrated and exhausted. I wanted to stay in bed and just decompose. Seriously. Radical change was necessary in my diet and my mental health. I'll admit, I was ticked off. So my attitude was really janky (made up word. Insert whatever you want here.) I was miserable and sick and tired of being sick and tired. My head start and plans to build momentum in the new year seemed to take an turn for the worse. The situation I was in was a perfect storm for a bout of depression. That was my old pattern. But like all storms end and move on so the sun can reach you again, so did mine.

The key was I was prepared. All 2019, I had been working on meditation and quieting my mind. I worked harder in my inner self talk than I have ever done before. I was ready for some more boundary pushing. I practiced techniques that help me find center and push past negative thoughts and pessimistic thinking. I found I had the strength to move past things that caught me in the past. I could really walk away from high stress situations as calm and at ease as I walked into them.

This was major for this Purple Mind. I persevered thru some tough spots, like you do as well, and am ending this on a high note. The same irritation that I allowed to build up was turned into motivation to work harder and I found some reserve strength to change my eating habits along with my new mental state. Build new eating and thinking habits. Not follow a fad and fold up at the first whiff of barbeque or bacon. Or follow a line of thought that didn't serve me for good or my peace.

Yes, negative thinking can be a habit that doesn't serve you well just like poor eating choices. It only ensures that you are constantly on pain from your thoughts. You're free to do anything you want. But I wanted a different NOW and that's directly related to what goes in my mind and mouth. I chose ME. I looked inward and leaned on two Healthy, happy clean eaters around me and held on for dear life. I asked questions. I did my own research. For hours I read and looked at videos and documentaries about plant based eating. I was ready. I was ready to be ready to be healthy. Or At least give it all I had. I had given up eggs last year, but couldn't quite kick the cheese and meat habit. I was suffering. My body was sending SOS messages like mad. The pain was unbearable. Out of 4 weeks, I was pain free maybe 1 week. I felt like I was going to lose trip on reality. But I knew the answer lived in my eating habits or at least in my body somewhere. But was I ready? What was I going to lose if I didn't change?

I wasn't going to find out. I'm done losing.

I asked myself are you ready to WIN?! Do you BELIVE you deserve to win?!

It's all up to how radical are you willing to get with yourself. If you are on the journey. If you've been tuning in to yourself and the massive amount of information that your mind and body sends you, then you know what needs to happen.

But will I pull the proverbial trigger and make a the boldest move yet? I will be posting more about how radical I got with my eating habits. Let's just say as a teaser that I am egg, cheese, sugar and meat free at this moment. I stand, with YOU looking at a new month only a few hours away. It's not too late to make new intentions. Set a new goal(s). Go deep. Then go deeper. You're worth it.

If you're not ready to do something radical then at least allow yourself the luxury of thinking about a change. Not just eating, whatever it is for you. At least THINK about it. DREAM about it. Go ahead. You've nothing to loose. Time will pass anyway. You might as well try a new way. Did you make some BOLD moves this month. This Day? Made BOLD goals and intentions? Whew! AWESOME! Congratulations! Tell me all about it. I want to celebrate with you. Leave a message here OR Reach out to me at

Also, check me out and support me at All correspondence should be respectful and positive or please don't. Thank you and Peace and I Love YOU.

Look Up and say THANK YOU!

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