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Goodbye September 2020

Do you remember the 21st night of September? A better question is do you recognize it? It’s the opening line to Earth Wind & Fire’s timeless hit September.

I play that song for myself regularly. I'm playing it while writing this, so you'll feel what I felt whenever you find this in time and space.

I love the nostalgic groove of this song. It makes me feel forever young, carefree, and happy.

If you read my work, you'll know that September is my birth month. Yay!!

So, this entry is a look back on the month of September 2020 in my experience.

Our world, as we know it has changed. We are behind masks because of a pandemic + we don't know the agenda, but we know there is one + the visible representation of hate is the president + an accelerated and televised war on black skin +++.

I could go on, but you are picking up what I'm putting down right? I can truly say, it’s been a TRIP!

But today, I'm smiling and unbothered this moment.

Why? How?

Some major storms have come and gone. I'm still standing. I didn't think it was possible for me.

I want to finish my never-ending story.

I Love my life. Just as it is because I created these experiences and enjoyed them with some dope and AWESOME people.

I feel the sun. I feel Love’s presence.

Family, I cannot express to you how it felt to finally say that and feel it.

I don't completely know when it happened because the effects are cumulative.

It's been more like imperceptible snatches and whiffs noticed by some small part of me.

I call her The collector.

She’s stealthily capturing pictures for me to view later. Records moments without my knowledge. So, when I couldn't recall or I was saying no one loves me, she'd tap me on the shoulder with a memory.

Hugs, smiles, nods, and even kisses and accolades received while frozen inside myself went unnoticed and unreturned. They were preserved and sent out. They've arrived.

I live my art. I practice radical self-love.

I am my ancestors dream come true. They wished, cried, and prayed that some part of them could get free.

Have choices and be bold about what they want.

I'm here and I celebrated that one fact.

Transparent moment: Most of these words came to me while writing and listening to the sounds of a song about nothing but good times, fond memories, and good vibes one day in September. Some of the lyrics aren't even words. Just a vibe and made up sounds.

Nonetheless, I hope I've inspired you to go listen to the great EWF right now. Get some of this happy. Ride this groove with me.

Thank you, music. Thank you, writers. Thank you, eternal LOVE.

Oh, and thank you September 2020.

Peace, Mluv

Photo credit:Greeting card from KM


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