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Movin' and Groovin'...finally!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

I didn't show you the beginning of my day. The goofy wake up face. Groggily checking the time to make sure I didn't miss the whole morning. Searching for glasses and phone.

The life of an sometime insomniac and Writer that works from home.

Nope...I'm skipping all that and getting to the good parts.

The picture posted is of the end of my morning. When I was sitting on the deck relaxing and being grateful my body took me for a walk.

The walk! I finally made it farther than my desk to write…I went outside first thing in the morning.

I really had no more excuses AND I got ahead of my excuses by setting the intention that the first day I had no viable excuse, I was going to add movement to my life in 2020 but wasn't being consistent or intentional about it. If a walk happened, then so be it. I desired to changed that nareative for myself while I still could.

I used to be so active…2o years ago. Where did time go?

The sun was up and the birds were chirping…my self condemning, critical voice, the one that tells me how many cookies I've eaten started in on me with reminders to shame myself.

My mind was resolute because I had ALREADY decided the night before that I was going to sleep well, wake up positive and move my body.

This is new for me. I LOVE feeling this way.

There is danger however, if I am not careful of what I let in, I will feel anxiety, shame and all the other low vibrational thoughts that are just waiting outside the door.

Just a thought away. So I get ready.

No social media. No phone calls. No emails, until I'm focused and have my mind and body present. This is best for me and anyone I encounter... believe me.

Movement is definitely a challenge that I commit to every moment of each day. As I gracefully accept another year of my life, I work on myself like I love ME. I Am worth it and so are you. Peace and happy self discovery.

What are you giving your attention to today?

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