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Moms Day July 18,2023

Please enjoy this new piece and please feel free to share connective, positive reflections and

thoughts. Peace, Mluv

Patiently I

wait for cold light from the Moonlight

to grace bare shoulders

My patio holds me

I reach for stars and

my fingers brush night air

thick like ladder rungs...

I want to climb higher

Enveloped in Mother energy

I breathe here

She's here

Next to me

we tread familiar water

Stars twinkle

Celebrating the arrival of the newcomer

I wade in Moon Rays

bathing in tepid air

I Am baptized again

Waiting to be new

Wanting to be reborn

Your 9th year arrives with New Moon Energy

I welcome the refreshing Moon bath

aligning with my need for your hug

Cold light transmutes and

warm LOVE uplifts

I AM reborn the same

Eternally your daughter


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