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Saying Goodbye to September 2019

September 2019 was simply spectacular. Not just because that month was my 51st revolution around the moon, although YAY me!

I’m still almost tempted to blast “September” by Earth Wind and Fire. That’s how great it was.

I finally got my book done and out and more progress in my writing career than ever before. I was frozen on completing this task for four years.

Just thinking about the catchy song makes me smile and that is the secret behind this fabulous month. I smiled so much this month. I was much more aware of being grateful for everything I had, saw or envisioned. I was so present. I worked at it. I planned to be grateful and present so I could see and remember more of my life.

There were no miraculous happenings, just a shift in mindset; the culmination of a lot of mental and emotional work to make a world of difference in my life.

I can remember drowning in self-doubt and fears the thoughts would not stop coming. If I had three wishes for anything in the world I could have, peace from my thoughts would be on the list.

I had been reading and searching for answers everywhere. I wanted a strong mind and the answer was in me.

I asked for help but this time I was ready to do work. I did more things that made me happy and yes, that made me smile. When negative talk from my mind or negative situations occurred, and they did, I went to work fast. I remember what it feels like not to appreciate the warmth of the sun on my skin. The circular thinking that leads to depression is such a trap.

I understand what its like to be stuck in that mind state.

So instead of numbing these thoughts away with food, I ate less. Instead of boring them with Netflix and Hulu, I turned the TV off one day and did not turn it back on. I stopped running away from my thoughts. I realized my thoughts were not my enemy, my attention to them was.

My hope for all of my anxiety sufferers in the Purple Tribe is that you will consider adding nature or deep breathing to your toolbox. You can Google Mindfulness exercises to find some that fit you. Give it a chance and if you’ve given it a chance already, try different method, be open minded. These things really work if applied consistently and practiced regularly. If there is any help that I can provide, please leave respectful comments, or contact me through my website. Emails that go to will be seen by me.

Peace, Mluv



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